Anti Acne Face Cream36.00
Anti Acne Face Toner31.00
Anti Acne Face Wash29.00
Cocoa Powder Wash39.20
Oxyglow Bubble Wash49.00
Pocket Filler Lip Plumping Gloss26.00
Probiotic Face Cream34.00
Probiotic Face Toner31.00
Probiotic Face Wash31.00
Trial Package Kit128.72
V-Tox Higher Power Lift Mask96.00
KrX Custo:Med 1- Oxyboost Tablets32.00
KrX Custo:Med 2- Gel Base39.0049.00
BB Glow Treatment104.64
KrX Custo:Med 3- Activos en Polvo39.0064.37
Mascarillas de plástico transparente (100 unidades)
Peeling Green Sea125.00
Brightening Peel, Ácido Láctico 40%59.00
KrX Glow Peel, Ácido Glicólico 40%59.00
KRX Neck Lift - Intensive Firming Neck Cream35.00
KRX Active 31 Revitalizing Eye Cream29.00
KRX Peeling Bioherb 50 Herbal Resurfacing39.00
KRX Home Care Masks Pack38.00
Clinical Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF 5034.00
Cica Recovery 2 in 1 Mask Cleanser30.00
Cica Recovery Ultra Healing Toner30.00
Cica Recovery Gentle Serum25.00
Cica Recovery All Day Cream28.00
Cica Recovery Full Kit60.00
Clear Peel, 30% de Ácido Salicílico59.00
KRX R-3 Therapeel129.00
Youthplex Face Lift Cleansing Fluid35.00
Youthplex Face Lift Toning Solution50.00
KrX Face Gelee Modeling Masks54.95
Youthplex Face Lift Serum50.00
Youthplex Face Lift Cream50.00
Glow Line Gel Cleanser25.00
Glow Line Quenching Toner29.00
Glow Line HA + Vit C Serum35.00
Glow Line Aqua Cream34.00
Glow Line Sunblocker26.00
KRX PD-13 Acne Therapy179.00
KRX CO2 Carboxy Therapy180.00
KRX Thread-fill Ampoule100.00
KrX Antibac Enzyme Milk Cleanser + Makeup Remover32.0045.00
Blue Peel59.00
KrX Cryofacial Caps Mask69.00
KrX Custo:Med 4- Concentrados39.00
KrX Gentle Enzyme Milk Cleanser + Makeup Remover33.0055.16
KRX Meso Booster: Derm Acne Control74.48
KRX Meso Booster: Gold Peptide74.48
KRX Meso Booster: Hydro Stemcell74.48
KRX Meso Booster: Boto RX74.48
KRX Meso Booster: Salmon-DNA74.48
KRX Meso Booster: White and Bright74.48
KRX Premium Bio Placenta Ampoules105.00
KrX Premium HA Filling Powder100.00
KRX Premium Meso Hair Solution112.00
KRX Premium Undereye Solution99.00
LaZer Peel67.20
Melapro Spot Peel80.00
MTS Prep Kit79.00115.00
Pre Peel Cleanser54.60
Pre Peel Toner54.60
Post Peel Toner54.60
Repair Cream51.80
Pre Cleansing Balm27.58
Pre Extraction Softening Mask41.44
Cocoa Facial Massage Cream36.79
Treatment and Booster Biocellulose Mask91.92